An exploration of Sacred Elements and Design

Immersed in a powerful artistic journey, Karen spends hours creating vibrant, raw and symbolic imagery. It is Art full of discovery and mystery, allowing the viewer the opportunity for novelty time after time. Within each drawing hidden images are revealed.  Her art ranges from serious to whimsical and can have playful elements, for example the doves found in her "Rainbow Peace Palace" drawing.

Working primarily with colored pencil allows Karen to delve within her senses while exploring the unknown in the abstract world.  She prefers to design a juxtaposition of objective and subjective elements, displaying balance between emblematic shapes, imaginative detail and an instinctive sense of color. 

Karen has begun exploring different styles of painting and had the honor and privilege of attending a Mische Technique Visionary Summer Painting Seminar in Boulder, Colorado this summer with Professor Philip Rubinov Jacobson, who studied with internationally renowned artist, Ernest Fuchs.   Under his guidance and mentorship along with co-teacher Mantra Cora, I explored a fascinating mixed-technique consisting of egg tempera and oil and experimented with Creative and Innovative Grounds.

Ms. Jacobs is a self-taught artist living in New York. From an early age she expressed her emotions in journals using colored pencil and has evolved this process organically, now exploring the spatial movement of color and elements of design.  Today, this process has manifested into vibrant and intricate images filled with spontaneity and deep revelations. Her intent is to inspire with her creations and have the viewers connect emotionally and spiritually.

Karen’s work has been exhibited in galleries, juried exhibitions and has gained recent exposure in publications and online forums such as Lost at E-Minor and Studio Visit Magazine. Her works can be viewed at

Karen is eternally grateful for all of the people and resources that have continued to support her through her artistic journey.

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